Easy crochet pattern Earwarmer/Headband Messy bun/Ponytail hat

Easy Crochet Headband
The Minta Headband

The Minta earwarmer/headband, messy bun/ponytail hat

is an easy, fast, beginners’ crochet project. A one row repeat pattern!

What is great about this pattern is that you can use it to make a crochet messy bun hat also called crochet ponytail hat. All you need to do is make the band wider by working additional rows.

To make The Minta ponytail/messy bun crochet hat
repeat row 3 to the desired hat height


I used leftover Red Heart super saver yarn in color Painted Desert

with a 5.5 mm hook

Stitches used

sc single crochet

sl.st. slip stitch

blsc back loop single crochet

blsl.st. back loop slip stitch


The crochet headband I made fits a youth to adult head size.

Chain 67

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, 27 sc , 10 sl.st. 28 sc, turn

The Minta
Row 1

Row 2: ch 1 (does not count as a stitch here and throughout this pattern), 28 sc, 10 sl.st., 28 sc, turn

tip: always make the sl.sts. loose. This way, working on the back loop of the slip stitches in the following row will be much easier.

The Minta
Row 2

Row 3: ch 1, 28 blsc (which mean 1 blsc in each next 28 sc), 10 blsl.st. (which mean 1 blsl.st. in each next 10 sl.st.), 28 blsc (which mean 1 blsc in each next 28 sc)

Summary or row 3: 1 blsc in each sc, 1blsl.st. in each sl.st.

Repeat row 3 to the desired width

for the pictured headband I repeated row 3 four more times.

Sew together the 2 edges of the crochet earwarmer.

That’s it!!

A one row repeat pattern. Can’t get easier than that, right?

Minta Headband

all you have to remenber is

  • all stitches are made in the back loop only
  • blsc on each sc
  • blsl.st. on each sl.st.
  • count the number of sc and sl.st. (use 2 stitch markers if need be to mark the 1st sl.st and the last sl.st. of the group of 10 sl.sts)
crochet earwarmer
crochet hat
crochet messy bun hat
crochet ponytail hat

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